Regional Executive Committee

The IPPFAR Regional Executive Committee is composed of nine members elected by the Regional Council for a three-year term. The committee meets biannually.

The Executive Committee determines the organization’s strategic direction. It creates policies and monitors the organization’s activities in all areas including regional resource allocations. Members of the committee also act as advisors to the IPPFAR Regional Director.

The current honorary officers are: Kweku Osae Brenu Chairperson, (Ghana) and Dr Naomi Seboni, Regional Treasurer (Botswana).

Kweku Osae Brenu, Chairperson of IPPFAR, is a legal practitioner and notary public and is a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

He has had an illustrious career, serving as a legal counsel and advisor to several institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States of America. He represented clients in negotiations with lead financial institutions such as the African Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and German Investment Corporation. 

Mr. Brenu worked as a consultant to the Government of Ghana on restructuring of the country’s Timber Marketing Board and the Divestiture Implementation Committee. He has held various leadership positions in the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG), IPPFAR and IPPF Central Office in London, United Kingdom.

The Chairperson has 29 years’ experience in sexual and reproductive health and rights. He is passionate about and committed to volunteer work in reproductive health, particularly in the area of family planning advocacy.

Other members of the Regional Executive Committee include:

  • Ms. Adama Dicko (Mali)
  • Ms. Jeanne Francoise Loumeto (Congo Brazzaville)
  • Hon Antonio Niquice (Mozambique)
  • Ms. Delphine Maniratunga (Burundi)
  • Mr. Said M. Maoulana (Comoros)
  • Mr Amadou Amadou (Niger)
  • Ms. Catherine Chiboola Kabbudula (Zambia)
  • Mr. Lucien Kouakou – IPPF Africa Region Director