"Family Planning Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria are Worth it" -Taiwo's Story

"Family Planning Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria

Taiwo Ogunfayo, a 33-year-old interior decorator, is a client at the Liberty Stadium Clinic – one of Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) facilities in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital in South West Nigeria.

“One day, I was in the market when I came across a PPFN outreach. The way the Community Health Extension Workers were explaining the different family planning methods was very simple to understand.

“I have come across a lot of women since my first visit to this place and they all assured me that family planning works and it won't fail like a previous experience, but I didn't let that stop me from trying family planning again."

Lack of adequate information is creating misinformation and wrong perceptions about family planning. She says that 'a lot of women have all sorts of beliefs about family planning, tied to religion and culture', hence the need for more PPFN community outreach services.

"It was through the outreach service in my community that I found out about PPFN. The interesting thing about the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria project in Oyo state is that all the family planning methods are free if you can't afford to pay. There is no cost to the patient."