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African Citizens IPPF

IPPF Africa Region is committed to mobilizing its extensive network of volunteers and staff in support of the implementation of IPPF’s Strategic Framework 2016-22 through the African Citizens Initiative for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, an innovative approach to resource mobilization.

We seek your support in launching this peer-to-peer fundraising campaign which aligns with the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063 commitment to the principle of self-reliance as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Together we can build “A Resilient Generation for the Africa We Want.”


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We all want to live in a world without poverty, where people can achieve their potential, and where health and education are guaranteed. We believe that sexual and reproductive health and rights are central to achieving this .

Vision 2020 is our ten-point call to action. We see it as ten steps to a fairer world. 

In 2016, our Vision 2020 campaign is "#KnowItOwnIt", fighting for youth empowerment and comprehensive sexuality education.

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#KnowItOwnIt Campaign now!


In 2017, we will be campaigning for universal access to family planning. Currently women and girls experience many barriers to obtaining family planning. This can be because they live far from a clinic, because they can’t afford contraception, or because they are discriminated against due to their age, marital status, ethnicity or religion.

IPPF wants every women and girl who wants modern contraception to be able to get it when she needs it.